Developing Your Eye – Day One: Home At A Glance

To be honest, this was a topic I struggled with. What is home, exactly? I decided to do a google search for inspiration and here’s what I found.

home (hōm/), noun: the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

The above is the definition of “home”, according to the dictionary.

“Home is where the heart is”,

thought Roman Author Gaius Plinius Secundus, better known as Pliny the Elder. This was followed by a vast selection of repetitive quotes that all shared the same notion; home is a place of comfort, peace and belonging.

I never really knew where I belonged. Having been an army brat most of my childhood, moving cities, states or even countries was nothing new to me. The traditional meaning of home didn’t apply.

When asked where I’m from my usual response is:

Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany

This is where I spent a big chunk of my life, 13 consecutive years to be exact.

Home could also be where I was born; one state over, in Baden-Württemberg, on the border of Switzerland and France.

Then there is Southern Italy, where my roots are planted. My mother and biological father are from Avellino and Corigliano, respectively.

 Embed from Getty Images


Many summers were spent in this beautiful country, surrounded by family, feeling at home.

Home was also where my mother lived at any given time. She’d move frequently, like a bird migrating from one destination to another. A quaint little Bavarian town on the Austrian border would be the last place she would get to call home. 

Burghausen, Germany

And let’s not forget the towns and cities we travel to that become home at first sightWhere our souls feel peaceful, like they belong. I’ve only once had that experience happen to me and that was in October 2014, upon arriving in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, Netherlands for the first time.

Embed from Getty Images

Every time I fly to Europe I make sure to stop in Amsterdam for a few days.

Since 2010 I’ve lived in the southeastern US, and I guess this is my home now, too. I’m sure there will be more places I will call home in my life and I can’t wait to find out where these will be. I’m open to anything.

Where others have roots, I have wings.

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