I will never be left here again.

A fistful of darkness, a pocketful of night, I am fumbling through my jacket hoping to pull out light. Take the empty, take the silence stained sorrow, hold it close enough to turn it into vows, into the promise that I will never be left here again. Tyler Knott Gregson I promise this to myself every time. Every … Continue reading I will never be left here again.

Developing Your Eye – Day One: Home At A Glance

To be honest, this was a topic I struggled with. What is home, exactly? I decided to do a google search for inspiration and here’s what I found. home (hōm/), noun: the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. The above is the definition of "home", according to … Continue reading Developing Your Eye – Day One: Home At A Glance

I thought I was on the right path – but I forgot one crucial thing.

Recently I had the pleasure of hanging out with a semi-new friend. (She's known my fiancé for two decades but she lives out of state, so her and I never really got the chance to hang out). You know when you meet someone and the conversation just flows? No awkward silences, no chitchatting about the … Continue reading I thought I was on the right path – but I forgot one crucial thing.

«Reblog» Saturn in Sagittarius: Finding Meaning in Pain

So accurate. Great read for astrology buffs! The below excerpt describes exactly why I wanted to start blogging.

We’re ALL being invited to a party, and asked to come SOBER. This soiree’ is about truth-telling as a means to facilitate individual and collective healing which can unfold into a greater degree of wisdom and maturity. Saturn’s symbolism suggests lessons learned, while Sagittarius’ domain is higher education. This means that learning through and from experience can be the most advanced form of instruction that we can receive if we allow ourselves to courageously remain open.


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Without shame or apology, I consider myself to be an optimist of great proportions. Any way you slice it, there’s a generous amount of Sagittarian faith, enthusiasm and idealism pulsating through my psyche. I don’t really place a value judgement on this as “good” or “bad” other than to say  it’s unfolded as necessary for my total development as a human being.

While my optimism and hope for the future can create an incredibly breathtaking vision, it also comes with its share of challenges.

With Saturn moving into Sagittarius, one of the messages which the universe has for us is that of tempering our enthusiasm in service of a grounded reality. During the next 2.5 years or so, we’ll be receiving a series of wake up calls and “chin checks” with the understanding, as Dr. Amos Wilson lays out, that hope, when distorted, can become pathological:

“Hope is a wonderful…

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Are you being sympathetic because you have to be?

To Sympathize[sim-puh-thahyz] (verb) to be in sympathy or agreement of feeling; share in a feeling (often followed by with). to feel a compassionate sympathy, as for suffering or trouble (often followed by with). This picture means a great deal to me. It was taken in February 2016, a couple weeks after my mother had passed … Continue reading Are you being sympathetic because you have to be?

Art Isn’t Anecdote

Insightful and informative post. I love Cheryl Strayed and her podcast.

The Daily Post

Last week, I finished reading Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugara collection of writings by author Cheryl Strayed in her role as Dear Sugar, an advice columnist for TheRumpus.net.

In Tiny Beautiful Things, what’s most impressive isn’t how thoughtful or insightful Sugar’s replies are, but her uncanny ability to make each question seem so fragile and universally human. As a writer, it’s her columns on creativity, art, and the art of writing that stand out as little nuggets of artistic wisdom.

I teach memoir writing occasionally. I always ask my students to answer two questions about the work they and their peers have written: What happened in this story? and What is this story about? It’s a useful way to see what’s there. A lot of times, it isn’t much. Or rather, it’s a bunch of what happened that ends up being about…

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